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HotStyx - Uniquely You!

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Custom designed skins for herding (Stock) sticks. Made with the highest grade vinyl wrap material so you can feel comfortable using them in any weather. These make wonderful gifts, awards, and trial prizes! Show off your wild side, pay tribute to a special dog, or celebrate those herding titles. Our designs are limited only by your imagination!


Q. How long is the stick and what is it made of?

A. The sticks are 54" in length with a golf style grip and made of a fiberglass core covered in acrylic. This gives them a some what flexible but very sturdy feel. Length can be altered for an additional charge to 48" or 42". Please keep in mind that the shorter the stick the more design space is limited.!

Q. What types of pictures work best for the design?

A. Pictures that are horizontal work best when placing them on the stick. Please submit pictures in the highest resolution possible. If we are unable to use a picture due to quality we will notify you so that a subsitute can be found. !

Q. What colors and fonts are available?

A. Here is where the real fun starts! We have 50,000 fonts so if you already have a favorite just let us know. If you aren't sure then just give us an idea of what message you are trying to convet and if you have a "style" you tend to gravitate towards. As far as colors go the sky is really the limit! We even have reflective and glow in the dark materials! !

Q. How long will my stick design take?

A. This depends on how complex your design is. Once the design stage is complete sticks can be ready to ship in just 2 days! We ship with all the major carriers for the fastest possible delivery. !

Q. How much are your herding sticks?

A. The base price is $50 which includes one cut out photo. Additional cut outs are $10 per photo. There is a $5 charge to trim the stick length. We have an extensive stock photo library but if we need to purchase any photos for use in the design the customer is responsible for those charges. The average stock photo starts at $10 and up. Shipping is NOT included in the price and will be calculated based on your zipcode. !

Contact our experienced design team today to get your own unique herding stick! Inquiries and photos can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call our office to speak to someone directly at (301)341-5515. !


**Hotstyx is a trademarked and patent pending product of Beyond Graffix Auto Ink. Any reproduction of this product or use of it's photos are strictly forbidden without expressed written consent of Beyond Graffix Auto Ink. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.**.


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